Upcoming 2014 Conferences in London

Happy New Year!  There are two upcoming conferences in London that Berry Consultants will be presenting in 2014.   The first conference, "Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials" on March 24-25, Dr. Roger Lewis will present, "The Collaborative Adaptive Clinical Trial Design Process:  Teamwork Informed by Simulation". 

The second conference is on April 9-10, titled "Smart Trials 2014 – Tackling New Challenges in Clinical Development:  Adaptive Designs & Other Ideas".   At this conference, Anna McGlothlin will discuss the topic, "Using Clinical Trial Simulations to Build Cross-Fuctional Dialogue and Optimization".

To see more information about these events and other Berry Consultants events, please visit our Recent & Upcoming Events Page

More Recent News

February 2024 QUOTES Webinar

Berry Consultants will be hosting a webinar on the optimization of a clinical trial design by estimating its impact on the expected net present value of a drug development program using the software QUOTES (Quantification and Optimization of Trial Expectations Simulator).

Blog: Precision Promise Adaptive Platform Trial update

Blog by: Kert Viele News from the Precision Promise platform trial. https://fibrogen.gcs-web.com/news-releases/news-release-details/fibrogen-announces-completion-pamrevlumab-arm-precision-promise Precision Promise is an adaptive platform trial investigating potential therapies for pancreatic cancer,

January 2024 FACTS Webinar

The Berry Consultants software team will be hosting its January FACTS webinar next Friday, January 19th at 11am EST to present the development plans for adding an ordinal endpoint option to the trial simulator.

Blog: Comments on the draft FDA master protocol guidance

Blog by: Kert Viele The FDA draft master protocol guidance is out https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-information/search-fda-guidance-documents/master-protocols-drug-and-biological-product-development Comments are due by February 22. Here are some preliminary thoughts and