November Webinars and Conferences

I wanted to extend an invitation that there will be three events coming this month on the importance of clinical trial simulation and adaptive trial design.  The first is a webinar on Wednesday, November 14, at 10am EST with Tessella who is Berry Consultants partner in the development of our simulation software FACTS.  During the webinar, I will demonstrate and provide examples of the benefits and needs of examining single trial simulations.  For more details and registration for the free webinar, please click here.

The second event is a webinar on "Incorporating Adaptive Trial Design Approaches in Oncology Clinical Trials" on Thursday, November 15, at 11am EST.   I will join experts from PPD to discuss the statistical component of adaptive trial design and how it can benefit clinical trials.  Register and attend this event at the Webcast Website.

Lastly, is the upcoming "DIA Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials – Overcoming Persistent Barriers" Conference on November 29-30 in Washington, DC.  I will be presenting during the 2nd day's morning session on the importance of trial simulation.  For details and registration, please visit the conference website.

Join me at these events, and learn more about adaptive designs and the critical aspect for simulations in clinical trial designs.

More Recent News

June 2024 FACTS Webinar

The FACTS software team will be presenting an early look at the new features of the upcoming FACTS 7.1 release.

April 2024 FACTS Webinar

 The Berry Consultants Software team will be hosting its April webinar next Friday, April 26 at 11am EDT on Optimizing Simulated Trial Designs.