An integrated Tech Platform for Your Adaptive Trial

ADDPLAN® neo, the new release of the ADDPLAN® software series, is advancing the design, simulation and analysis of adaptive clinical trials. The new implementations enable you to optimise adaptive design with improved, automated processes, and therein, elevate the efficiency and quality of your clinical trials.  

Among other offerings, ADDPLAN® neo promises:

  • Improved User Experience – A fully validated, graphical user interface (GUI) software, ADDPLAN® neo features a quick access to adaptive design approaches for all phases of drug development.
  • Unified Technology Platform – ADDPLAN® BASE and MC are now migrated to the DF platform within ADDPLAN® neo, increasing simulation speed for each application and allowing computation of multiple projects on one, integrated framework.
  • Every-Phase Capabilities – Strengthen and advance study designs for every phase of drug development with ADDPLAN® neo functionality, including Adaptive MCPMod, critical for dose-finding designs.
  • Elevated Organisational Value – By making efficient adaptive trials attainable, ADDPLAN® neo enables effective team decision-making within the clinical development process, and allows the organisation to reach decisions on innovative trial designs faster.
  • Data Integration – Enables clients to incorporate their own R-codes, providing a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques.


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