Berry Consultants Welcomes New Clinical Trial Strategy Team

Platform trials can efficiently evaluate multiple treatments simultaneously and employ unique statistical analyses to define best therapies.  They are a natural extension of Bayesian adaptive designs and are the best hope to fulfill the promise of precision medicine, defining individualized treatment for patients based on molecular drivers or phenotypes (Berry et al. JAMA 2015).  A new brand of skilled and experienced researchers is needed to appropriately design, implement, and operate these important, potentially game-changing, large, integrated efforts.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Clinical Trial Strategy Team at Berry Consultants, to advance the clinical research process by designing and implementing innovative, platform and adaptive clinical trials across all therapeutic areas.  Lead by Dr. Meredith Buxton and Dr. Melissa Paoloni, our Clinical Trial Strategy Team can provide strategic, scientific, and process design and operational expertise to groups wishing to establish platform and adaptive clinical trials; support the implementation and improvement of Bayesian, platform, oncology, and other clinical trials; and encourage and foster the adoption of platform and adaptive trials by providing expert training to groups to execute such trials.

Our offerings range from trial development, to first patient initiation, operations oversight, partnership building, data analysis, and consulting. Our efforts complement those of CROs or in-house staff to provide full-scale services to a variety of clients. We have the flexibility to start a project, as well as re-engineer an active clinical trial, and define metrics to push toward success. With our leadership in the field, we hope to drive platform and adaptive trials into greater use and success in clinical research and development.

The services of our Clinical Trial Strategy Team are designed to meet the needs of the changing landscape of clinical trials

For more information about our Clinical Trial Strategy Team, please email

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