Jason Connor’s Upcoming Events

I wanted to update everyone on a few upcoming events that I will be participating at:

-May 31:  Presenting the READAPT teams' Bayesian adaptive redesign of the ALLHAT hypertension trial to the ALLHAT steering committee.

-June 11:  Presenting "A Bayesian Adaptive Cardiology Device Trail Leading to Approval" at the International Chinese Statistical Association meeting in Bethesda.

-June 23:  Presenting the READAPT findings at the Academy Health Meeting in Baltimore.

-June 24-28:  Teaching a week-long class at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

-June 25:  Presenting a short course on Bayesian adaptive trials at the Academy Health meeting in Baltimore.

For more information on any of these, please feel free to contact me (jason@berryconsultants.net).

Jason Connor
Statistical Scientist
Berry Consultants

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