ASA’s new section for Medical Devices and Diagnostics


I am not sure everyone is aware, but I wanted to introduce everyone to SIGMEDD (statistics interest group for medical devices and diagnostics).  It is an interest group of the American Statistical Association (ASA), and the group is composed of statisticians who are interested in applying and developing statistical method for evaluating medical and diagnostic devices.  I am the current Chair-Elect for 2012, and will be the Chair for 2013.  Our website is at:

We are looking to become a full section within the ASA, instead of a special interest group.  In order to apply we need a minimum of 100 signatures from ASA members–and we'd like to get many more to show the interest in devices and diagnostics (so ASA can't say no!).  If you are an ASA member, and support SIGMEDD having its own section of the ASA, you should sign the following petition and email to the contacts listed:


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