RUSH College Football Ratings

RUSH (Ratings Using Score Histories) is a system for rating college football teams developed by Todd Graves of Berry Consultants, Kary Myers and Earl Lawrence of Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Shane Reese of Brigham Young University.

It is unlike other “computer ratings” in that it bases team’s ratings on the games’ entire score histories (the scores at every point in time of the games).

Current RUSH Ratings  (Go here for the latest update).

Introduction to RUSH is an accessible introduction to the method.

Introduction to RUSH for Statisticians fills in the details of the statistical modeling strategy used in RUSH.

RUSH: Ratings Using Score Histories is a video of Todd Graves presenting RUSH at the 2011 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports. (You can also see the slides.)


Archive of Weekly 2013 RUSH Ratings:


Archive of Historical (2003-2012) RUSH Ratings


Todd Graves’ webpage

Berry Consultants webpage