Berry Consultants is a statistical consulting company specializing in the Bayesian approach to medical statistics, an approach that is radically changing the way research is done throughout the medical industry in both device and drug development.  Berry Consultants employs world renowned experts in Bayesian statistics and strives to set the standard for innovative clinical trial design and analysis in the statistical and medical communities.

Our founder, Don Berry Ph.D, is a key opinion leader in Bayesian biostatistics, cancer research and policy, and adaptive trial design.  He long championed adaptive trials in clinical research and worked closely with the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) to set high scientific and quality standards of the Bayesian approach.  His vision became reality and adaptive designs earned favor by U.S. and international regulating agencies, and more and more companies looked to collaborate with him. 

To meet this demand, he started Berry Consultants with Scott Berry Ph.D, our co-founder and president, in 2000. Since then, Berry Consultants has designed more than 500 unique adaptive trials for medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.  In addition to Don and Scott, Berry Consultants includes full-time statistical scientists and a variety of other collaborators to precisely tailor adaptive designs for each unique company, breakthrough technology, and regulatory situation.