New Materials Released for the NHLBI ICTR Project

Berry Consultants has recently released several short videos and webinars undertaken in our role as the Innovative Clinical Trials Resource (ICTR) for the National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Recent topics include the following:

-Using Disease Progression Modeling to Guide Decision Making in Rare Disease Clinical Trials presented by Dr. Melanie Quintana

-Subgroup Analyses in Clinical Trials presented by Dr. Ben Saville

-Innovative Clinical Trial Designs in NHLBI Related Research Areas – Meeting at ASH presented by Drs. Kert Viele and Anna McGlothlin

We encourage readers to access these and other resources available on the ICTR website, available at We also encourage you to register for an account to receive alerts when new materials are listed. 

Comments and questions are welcomed and we may use these in future blogs posts!

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