Berry Consultants Releases Videos on Adaptive Designs

Berry Consultants releases three new videos as part of a new video series on adaptive designs.  The videos released this week are:
    –DSMBs for Adaptive Trials (Dr. Roger Lewis)
    –The Value of Biomarkers (Dr. Jason Connor)
    –NCAA Football and the Ebola Pandemic (Dr. Scott Berry)

Earlier this year, the following videos were released:
    –Top Ten Misconceptions About Adaptive Trials (Berry Consultants Team)
    –What Clinicians Should Know About Adaptive Clinical Trials (Dr. Roger Lewis)
    –How to Design an Adaptive Trial – Lessons Learned So Far (Dr. Scott Berry)
    –The Adaptive Platform Trial – The Statistical Efficiencies (Dr. Scott Berry)
    –I-Spy 2 and Other Platform Trials (Dr. Don Berry)
    –The Use of Historical Information in Clinical Trials (Dr. Kert Viele)
    –Driving With Your Eyes Open (Dr. Jason Connor)
    –In Silico Cinical Trial Design (Dr. Scott Berry)

The complete video series can be found on Berry Consultants You Tube Channel.  View and subscribe to the channel today!  More videos to come!